California Mask Mandate Prolonged till 15th February

california Mask Mandate
california Mask Mandate

The California mask mandate has been prolonged till Feb 15th amidst a sharp spike in coronavirus cases and with the omicron mutation looming heavy. On Wednesday, Dr. Mark Ghaly passed a statement intimating the media about the 1-month extension of the mask mandate. The lengthened California mask mandate was issued a short while after a study was published which implied that masks made out of cloth are not sufficient to keep the omicron virus at bay.

California Mask Mandate Requires People To Wear Better-Fitting Masks

During the press meeting, Ghaly stated that around 15th February the situation in California would be assessed to figure out whether the mandate needs another prolongation or if the State community and the health care system are ready to face the omicron variant. 

The first California mask mandate was enforced on the 15th of December and was to extend till the 15th of January. According to the mandate, people were required to wear masks at all times even in indoor places, notwithstanding their vaccination status.

Dr. Mark Ghaly further requested the people to follow through with their inoculation program, wear tighter and well-fitting masks, and take the booster shot to co-operate and help the State fight the virus. 

He stated that the California mask mandate will not affect the Super Bowl LVI, which will be taking place on February 13th at the SoFi Stadium located in the suburbs of Los Angeles. 

LA County reported twenty-one thousand cases on Tuesday. Across the State, there were eight thousand plus hospitalizations. 

The mandate was enforced on the same day as the first case of “flurona” was confirmed in LA County. Flurona is a mix between coronavirus and the flu. Numerous cases of the same have been identified across the United States. 

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