Zion Williamson To Continue To Stay Away From Team

zion williamson
zion williamson

Zion Williamson, the All-Star power forward, underwent surgery to set right a broken foot sometimes back during the offseason. He hopes to be back in time at the start of the new regular season. The New Orleans Pelicans VP David Griffin made the statement.

Griffin said that Zion Williamson would return from foot surgery at the start of summer. He clarified that it would be before the start of the summer league. He said that Williamson’s timeline should see him in court for the new season.

Griffin said that they were very optimistic about the timeline set for Williamson’s recovery. But that means that Williamson could be out of training and also the preseason games.

It Could Be Some Time Before Zion Williamson Regains Full Fitness

The team anticipates he will be ready as the season is set to start. But it seems a distant possibility that Zion Williamson would be back in full force directly. He could end up restricted to playing for several minutes at a time until he gets his rhythm back. The Pelicans are concerned about his progress and that precautionary measure is justified.

Earlier, Zion Williamson fractured a finger in his left in 20-21 and was out for the last 6 games for the team’s regular season. That aside, it was a relatively injury-free season for him.

In the process, Williamson also received his 1st All-Star with an average of 27 points, 3.7 assists, and 72 rebounds. He shot 6.11% from the field, placing him in the 8th position. It proves his capacity to be a potential danger in the free-throw lane.

This is the 2nd time that Zion Willamson moves into the season nursing an injury in his 3-year career. In his rookie season, Zion was put aside for 44 games in the initial phase of the regular season with an injured meniscus. It has been a great leap for Williamson last season and his and his team’s success revolves around his fitness and recovery.

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