Pam & Tommy Seems Like An Unofficial American Crime Story

Pam & Tommy

The major stars and the hair give Pam & Tommy the American Crime Story vibes. Their tagline should be the only reason why it was made. The latest trailer released promises fun and excitement. The soon-to-be-released Hulu production has been directed by Craig Gillespie. He won an Oscar nomination in 2017 with ‘I, Tonya.’ His directorial style is very similar to Scorsese but it manages to leave the viewer mostly satiated.

Pam & Tommy’s new trailer showed that Gillespie used his ACS aesthetic. He had big stars in big, fancy wigs and sensationalized the late 1900s. 

Pam & Tommy Plotline 

The Hulu show, Pam & Tommy narrates the story of star-crossed lovers. The fateful love story of Pamela Anderson (Lily James) and Tommy Lee (Sebastian Stan). Pamela was a TV star and Tommy was Mötley Crüe’s drummer. 

Pamela Anderson’s fame had increased after her role in the massively successful Baywatch. The couple’s fame exploded further when a personal tape was stolen. Their disgruntled contractor (played by Seth Rogen) stole the videotape from the couple’s house safe.

The contents of the videotape were released online in 1997 and it sent the world into a frenzy. Pam & Tommy is a crime caper, a cautionary tale, and a love story. It has eight episodes. It will explore the crossroads where privacy, celebrity, and technology meet. It will trace the roots of the modern reality television age to a sex tape watched by millions of people. 

‘Pam & Tommy’ has DV DeVincentis, writer and producer of ACS, and Robert Siegel, ex-chief editor of Onion, as directors. Gwyneth H Payton and Hannah Fidell were directors as well. 

Pam & Tommy seems like it will be fun even as it highlights the sexism in the sex tape scandal. On Feb 2, Hulu will release the first 3 episodes.