California Reopening: Tracking The Major Changes After 1 Year Of Total Restrictions

california reopening
california reopening

With the majority of its COVID restrictions gone, the stage was set Tuesday for a California reopening on a grand scale as the Golden State ended limits on capacity and physical distancing. There was an added bonus for Californians who had got vaccinated, you did not have to wear a mask.

California imposed a total shutdown back in March 2020 and it ended at just past midnight on Tuesday. The state finally scrapped the Blueprint for a Safer Economy, the four-step, color-marked plan of action. It had restricted most economic activities and public gatherings. The restriction was dependent on the case rates in individual counties.

California Reopening Total If You Are Vaccinated

Things will be pretty much normal for those vaccinated. Physical distancing norms have been done away with and there are no capacity limits. The new policies are as per regulations set in place by the CDC, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

But masks remain the norm in public transportation, at school, care centers, jails, and hospitals.

There was some confusion as the state’s Occupational Safety and Health Standard Board had initially let out that masks would remain compulsory in places where there were people who had yet to be vaccinated. But even that restriction was lifted immediately.

There will be further clarification this week from the administration, Governor Gavin Newsom said.

Mega Events To Have Partial Restrictions

For events housing over 5,000 people indoors and 10,000 outdoors, vaccination,verification would be the norm. but there will not be any restriction on limits at venues and color-coding and physical distancing will not be required.

Governor Newsom said that the prompt action of the administration and the cooperation of Californians had helped overcome the pandemic earlier. But the state remains vigilant to ensure the safety of its residents.

Celebrating California Reopening

Businesses celebrated the changes as restaurants and bars re-introduced DJs, dancing, and open bars.

Los Angeles Dodgers from Major League Baseball will be celebrating a ‘Reopening Day’ celebration that will include 25,000 bobbleheads of Justin Turner. People expressed their happiness at California reopening and the end of pandemic restrictions.

California’s pandemic shutdown had been a model for others to emulate. But it fell prey to an outbreak in winter that had overwhelmed the healthcare system. 63,000 people lost their lives as 3.8M people were affected. But its per capita death count remains the lowest in America.

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