Cam Newton Gets Disallowed Before Joint Giants Practice Because Of Covid-19 Violation

cam newton
cam newton

Cam Newton from the Patriots is unlikely to join in the first of the two joint practices with the Giants because of COVID-19 protocols as stated by the NFL. The player has violated the protocols and hence would not be able to link up with his teammates until after Thursday. Cam Newton visited for a medical appointment that was approved by the team and was outside of New England.

Thereafter a misunderstanding occurred about the tests being conducted from a facility that is outside of the NFL and can henceforth be tampered with. Therefore, the athlete from the Patriots has to be sitting out the games and the practice sessions for the next five days even though his test results came out to be negative. 

The break of five days given to Cam Newton is an indication of the fact that he belongs to the group of players in the NFL who are still not vaccinated. The number of players that belong to this group is less than 10 percent. Although over 90 percent of the players belonging to the Giants are vaccinated, there are indications of some of the starters have remained unvaccinated and are therefore put through daily tests.

Cam Newton And The Consequence Of The Break

Joe Judge, the coach of the Giants denied making any statements about using Cam Newton as an example in his squad to follow the protocols and avoid the headache of having a major player of the team sitting outside the pitch. He mentioned that missing a game due to some kind of failure in following the protocol correctly is something that is by the choice of the player, and it is imperative for the team and the player to be on the same page. He also made it clear that the situation regarding Cam Newton was ambiguous to him and he would instead like to refrain from making comments on a team that is not his own.

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