Camila Cabello Embraces Her Silly Mispronunciation

Camila Cabello
Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello, the former singer of Fifth Harmony, separated from that band long ago. Since then she has focused on her career as a single artist, has done many world tours, and released hit albums. This isn’t the first time Camila Cabello is a victim of cyberbullying.

Camila Cabello’s Performance At The White House Made Her A Meme Material

Last year at the White House Camila Cabello was performing, and by mistake or intentionally she did pronounce Christmas as Quismois. And memes started spreading like fire. Though she didn’t pronounce it intentionally. The internet made it sound like that. And later when asked she obviously couldn’t pronounce it and gave up saying ‘it’s gonna be great”.

Even she shrugged off the bullying part even by posting a video with that hilarious word ‘quismois’.

It all started last year when Camila Cabello performed the mariachi version of ‘i will be home for Christmas’.As fans or local critics of Tiktok, they made such harsh comments editing the only part of Cabello’s tongue twist. Someone even said ‘cursive singing has gone way too far’, which was clearly not the intention on Camila’s part. And the haters made fun of it, though Camilia poked back at it.

Camila Cabello sang Michael Buble’s Christmas in the city as well, and her main motive was to pay tribute to her home country Mexico. She further made her intentions clear to the audience that people do not often get to hear mariachi songs and the beauty of it, is unrecognizable.

Camila Cabello’s latest album “ I’ll be home for Christmas’ dedicated her album to her country, last year it was only available on amazon music, and at the beginning of November, she declared it is now available on every platform.

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