Canada Protests Will Continue Against Covid-19 Vaccination Regulations

Canada Protests

Canada Protests will continue against the Covid-19 vaccination requirement and other regulations. Some have pulled their vehicles off a crucial US-Canadian boundary bridge on Sat. Access remains barred as additional protests erupt around the country, including Ottawa. Police claimed they were waiting for more police officers before removing what they called a criminal occupation.

Canada Protests Seem To Encourage Other Countries

The tense standoff at Ambassador Bridge, which connects Windsor and Detroit, Ontario, was eased slightly early when activists agreed to relocate the trucks that had been blocking the opening to the key international bridge. However, protestors regrouped nearby – this time with support — and were blocking the entrance from Canada’s side late Saturday, causing traffic and business to be snarled for the sixth day.

Around 180 people remained in the sub-zero temperatures late Saturday.

Crews lined concrete traffic blocks behind a line of police officers stretching across the major highway heading to Ambassador Bridge’s footbridge in Windsor early Saturday evening. Officers eventually retreated behind the barriers that separated them from the demonstrators. Along other side streets, barricades were also erected. On such streets, police vehicles were parked, preventing motor vehicles from entering the highway.

In Ottawa, the demonstrations at the bridge have echoed across the world, with similar convoys taking place in France, Netherlands, and New Zealand, and the USA’s Department of Homeland Security has warned that some truck convoys might be planned in the US.

An ex-minister in PM Justin Trudeau’s cabinet criticized former colleagues in the federal government, the region, and municipality, for failing to put a stop to the demonstrations. So far, Trudeau has resisted demands to employ the military.

Trudeau has referred to the demonstrators as an “edge” of Canadian culture, and both national and provincial officials have stated that the Canada Protests cannot direct police actions.

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