Stimulus Check News: Florida Sends $450 Checks

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Stimulus Check

One-time stimulus check payments from Gov. Ron DeSantis will shortly be given to several families in the state of Florida, including single parents, foster families, and adoptive families.

The $450 stimulus checks, which started to be distributed this current month, are a component of the “Hope Florida: A Pathway to Prosperity” initiative, which aims to reduce the impact of inflation.

In the latest trip to Tampa, First Lady Casey DeSantis promoted the initiative and its advantages. The money may be used for anything, like petrol and even diapers, according to a letter signed by DeSantis and attached with the cheques.

DeSantis On The Proposal Of Stimulus Checks

A section of the letter states, “Florida is offering you 450 dollars for each kid, who is in your care, to offset the costs of growing inflation, especially with a new school year coming.

DeSantis, who is running for reelection, has previously sent out a batch of checks. In the midst of the epidemic, Obama approved $1,000 cheques for the state of Florida’s first responding community in April.

The taxpayers paid $100 million for that project. A portion of the state’s $109.9B budget, or $35 million, was spent on the most recent round.

A representative for DeSantis, Christine Pushaw, refuted claims that the checks may make the country’s inflation situation worse. Instead, she laid some of the responsibility on the federal government’s spending of deficit and stimulus check payments.

Pushaw stated on Twitter that “deficit spending and money printing by the federal government, which has occurred at a record rate since covid,” are what lead to inflation. “The State of Florida enjoys a financial surplus because to Gov. Ron DeSantis’s sound fiscal management, unlike our indebted federal government. Floridians are entitled to that money.”