Mike Pence And His Group Dispute The Case Of Abortion

Mike Pence
mike pence

Mike Pence, the former vice-President of the United States of America, launched his advocacy group that is associated with the school of conservatism. The group, including him, is currently caught up in the deliberation of one of the most controversial cases of all time, the subject of abortion. The abortion case is currently being disputed in the Supreme Court of the country. The group of the former vice-president is making some arguments related to the case of Roe v. Wade judgment. According to them, including Mike Pence, the verdict given by the Supreme Court is the biggest reason for families’ destabilization in the country. 

Mike Pence’s Views

The name of the conservative group of Mike Pence is called the “Advancing American Freedom.” this group is among all the other various organizations against abortion. All of these organizations are displaying their support for the decision that was taken by the state of Mississippi concerning the case. As per the laws granted by the state, women cannot opt for abortion if they are 15 already weeks pregnant. About 230 lawmakers belonging to the Republican party filed a case on the 29th of July. The reason behind it was to compel the Supreme Court to change the verdict with regard to the case of Roe.

According to the filing of the conservative group of ex-vice-president Mike Pence, the Supreme Court was accused of carrying no regard for human life. They were also accused of not being able to extend their protection towards an unborn child. The group has further claimed that the decision of the court caused the people to have a degraded view with regard to themselves. However, the groups centered around abortion rights have constantly stated their disregard for any possible changes in the verdict. According to them, this would lead to a blot in the right to equality.