Carnage End Credits Hints At Multiverse?


Carnage is expected to be a major hit for Sony. It has been a long time since a superhero film has been released. The last superhero flick to have hit the theaters was Marvel studios’ Shang Chi. The much-hyped movie will see Carnage at the center of all chaos. According to analysis, Venom 2 can gather a collection of up to a 65million dollars. However, fans have sensed something that has driven them crazy. After carefully analyzing the end credit scenes of the movie, fans have reached a shocking conclusion. The movie might have given a hint about Marvel’s multiverse! This is huge news for everyone. Marvel and Sony recently had a big fight over the character rights of Spiderman. The hint of the multiverse would possibly mean Venom featuring in upcoming Marvel flicks. Let us take a deeper look at the incident below. 

Carnage Lining Up For Marvel Debut? 

Multiverse is the mainstay of modern Marvel movies. The Endgame hinted at time travel and parallel universes. The new phase of Marvel confirmed it. Series such as Wanda Vision and Loki center around the whole concept of parallel reality. The trailer for the upcoming Spiderman movie also has Multiverse as its primary base. 

Venom fans could not even have expected that multiverse would be teased by Sony as well. The scene in question portrays Venom and Eddie chilling out in a room. The threat of Carnage has been successfully thwarted. Suddenly, things become interesting. The whole appearance of the room they were sitting in changed. It seems as if they have been transported to an alternate reality. The room they are in looks like the same room but from a different universe. 

Multiverse! Yes, it looks to be so. The final few seconds of the scene show the trailer of Spiderman: Far From Home playing. Fans have regarded this as a concrete example that Venom will now definitely feature in Marvel. 

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