Details Of The $850 Stimulus Check Released By Government: Relief Check For High Inflation

Even as federal stimulus checks are being phased out by the administration, states have stepped in to support residents hit by the high rate of inflation. Maine is among the states to have stepped in for its residents and offered relief to those who face a difficult time buying essentials and gasoline.

Facing strong opposition from the Republicans, President Joe Biden was forced to withdraw from moving ahead with any more stimulus checks. But the states have relied on the funds given to states under the American Rescue Plan Act to support their residents.

The Maine stimulus check is distinct from the federal stimulus checks which were targeted toward millions of citizens.

Maine Stimulus Check Being Financed Through Budget Surplus

The Maine relief payments were signed by Janet Mills, the Governor of Maine. The $1.2B budget included payments to eligible individuals while the regular household would receive $1,700. The total number of payments is expected to be 858,000.

The Maine administration has also set up a site,, to help residents get details of the relief payments. The state funds proposed by Governor Mills received near-unanimous support from Main’s lawmakers and are being funded from a state surplus fund.

The stimulus payments will return 50% of the budget surplus with the state, which comes to around $729.3M. The Governor revealed that around 850,000 residents have been forced to cut back on expenses on essential items, due to the inflation fuelled by the pandemic.

The new website also has the answer to several vital questions. It reveals that residents entitled to the stimulus checks should have an AGI below $100,000 for single filers, and double if they file jointly as a married couple. The head of a household should earn less than $150,000 to be eligible for the relief stimulus check.

Other states, including California, Georgia, and Hawaii, are also giving their relief support to their residents in various forms.

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