Billie Eilish Expressed Her Love For Megan Thee Stallion In Her Speech 

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish

The 2021 Grammy awards night was an epic one. It was celebrated by millions of fans across the globe. There were situations that led the fans to enrage over social media platforms. Irrespective of everything, the one thing that deserves to be acknowledged is the fact that the night was dominated by women. The “Record Of The Year” was bagged by the pop-sensation, Billie Eilish. It was her who created history in the Grammy awards of the year 2020. This time she received the award for her record, Everything I wanted.”

Billie Eilish Won Over Some Great Artists

The 19-year-old pop-star won over a number of super talented artists from the industry. They include Dua Lipa, the English singer and songwriter, Doja Cat, the American singer and Black Pumas. The songs that were nominated alongside that of Billie Eilish were Rockstar, featuring Roddy Rich and DaBaby and well-known track, Savage, by Megan Thee Stallion and Beyonce, popularly known as Queen Bey. 

The winner made it known that she had very little expectations of winning. However, the “Everything I wanted,” singer dedicated her award to the American rapper, Megan Thee Stallion, who was one of the nominees. The reason that she gave for her dedication was that she considered the rapper to be more deserving than herself.

Billie Eilish dedicated her entire acceptance speech to the “Savage” singer. She opened her first lines by saying that she was embarrassed by her win. She also mentioned the fact that earlier, she considered writing a speech about the American rapper, but she did not. The only reason for this was because Billie Eilish was sure that she would not win and it would be the much-deserving Megan Thee Stallion in her place. She further went on to say that she deserved to win. The singer also expressed her love for Megan. Eilish concluded her speech by thanking the Recording Academy.