Michael Strahan’s Former Partner In Custody

Michael Strahan
Michael Strahan

Jean Muggli, the ex-wife of the American television personality, Michael Strahan, is currently under custody. The 54-year-old American woman got arrested on grounds of violating the restraining order that was issued against her former partner.

The incident took place on the 25th of June in the state of New York. As per sources, there was a case of no-contact order that was made by Marianne Ayer, the former partner of Jean Muggli. So following this, she got booked under the case of criminal contempt.  Ayer made the claim that after breaking up with her, she was a victim of constant harassment. 

Michael Strahan’s Ex-Wife Booked For Violation

The official documentation against the former wife of Michael Strahan was filed in the month of June. As per the documentation, Muggli is accused of s series of things related to harassment. It includes coercion, disorderly conduct, forcible touching, and grand larceny.  It is also stated that the ex-wife of the former star of the NFL snatched a plastic gun that belonged to the son of Ayer and used it to threaten her. She told him that it was a real gun. Not only that but Muggli also acted violently towards her pet. She kicked her pet dog, a German Shepherd. Finally, she got arrested this Friday after she reached the house of her former partner.

The arrest of the former wife of Michael Strahan follows the battle of custody between him and Muggli. It had been an extremely contentious one. The legal battle got settled in the month of November last year. Michael Strahan was fighting to get full custody of their two daughters, Isabella and Sophia. It was also stated that she was abusive towards them both physically and emotionally. The allegations have now been withdrawn. As per information, it got dismissed on the 13th of October.