Boston Celtics, Hold The Hottest In NBA Power Rankings


With straight-up four wins and nine wins out of their last game. And no other team has earned the record. Milwaukee Bucks is just a little behind in the rankings. They are up at their game in their own style.

The NBA Power Rankings Reveal That Detroit Pistons Are Last

All of the states hold a position in the NBA power rankings, and Boston Celtics are the first one. In the last match, Miami Heat lost to Boston Celtics, and they are gearing up for the upcoming games. However, Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks have overpowered the Boston Celtics and also Milwaukee Bucks. Whereas, Phoenix Suns holds the active wins status in NBA rankings.

They have won five matches in a row. Boston Celtic’s kickoff starts for the season put them in the first position. Phoenix Suns holds the third position in NBA power rankings. And they revealed their biggest news as general manager of the team James Jones is now being promoted to presidential ship of basketball operations. James Jones shares that there is internal pressure to achieve more and no matter how good they are performing in the field, there is always the chance of playing better.

Denver Nuggets holds the fourth position in the NBA power rankings. And their 2022-23 record is 13-7. Whereas, Cleveland Cavaliers are close to LA Clippers 13-8 and 13-9. Golden State Warriors is 11-11 and so is Toronto Raptors with 11-9. Portland Trail Blazers is not far behind, they are at 11-10, according to the NBA Power Rankings.

Sacramento Kings are at 10-9, they were previously in 12 by the NBA power Rankings report. They have lost three games in a row this season. They need to play on the defensive side otherwise everything is good to go. Washington Wizards won six games out of seven this season. Dallas Mavericks is going divinely setting the records with 10-10.