Stimulus Check 2022: Which States Will Help Their Residents?

stimulus check
stimulus check

Different forms of stimulus checks were dumped upon American consumers and businesses in 2020 and 2021 in an attempt to preserve economic stability amid the worst of the coronavirus pandemic. Several efforts have been made to pass more stimulus legislation since then, both by politicians and the general public.

Although the economy rebounded well from the brief flash recession that occurred in 2020, the fact that it declined for two consecutive quarters at the start of 2022 raises the possibility that we are entering another recession. As a result, many Americans have their fingers crossed for further stimulus cheques from the federal government or certain states in an effort to halt the economy’s decline.

State Stimulus Checks Will Help Residents

As of August 2022, the government’s request for further stimulus checks seems limited. The Biden administration has offered limited solutions to the problem of rising gas prices, including rebate cards and a gas tax holiday, but none of these ideas has gained traction in Washington.

A lot of people have quieted down about how we should be giving out more direct stimulus funds. Given the likelihood of a recession in the United States, however, such ideas might gain traction later in the year.

Individuals who qualify for the UBI program will receive $500 annually in the form of a direct transfer or prepaid debit card.


Those who have already filed their tax returns for 2020 and 2021 may be entitled to refunds, depending on their filing status.


Residents of the state may expect to receive between $100 and $300 in tax rebates.

In 2020, residents of Idaho will get a refund of $75 or a reduction in state taxes of 12%, whichever is greater.


The state of Illinois has temporarily reduced sales taxes and is offering income and property tax refunds.


All Indiana residents will get $125 back, regardless of their economic level.


With the budget surplus, families may expect to receive up to $850 in Stimulus Checks.


The state legislature of Massachusetts is trying to provide one-time tax rebates of $250 for qualified individuals and $500 for qualifying married couples.

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