Channing Tatum Exploring New Ideas 

Channing Tatum

The 42 years old actor, Channing Tatum is thinking of new ways to present old films or a sequel even. Ghost, the 1990s fantasy, film is all set to launch its sequel. The old one starred Whoopi Goldberg, Tony Goldwyn, and Demi Moore. There is a chance of change in casting, the story won’t remain the same.

New Projects Are On The Horizon For Channing Tatum

He is already working on a project directed by his girlfriend Zoe Kravitz’s Pussy Island. Channing Tatum is playing the role of a tech mogul and philanthropist named Slater. Who happens to elope with a waitress on his mysterious island. And the waitress is played by Naomi Ackie.

Not because Zoe Kravitz is Channing Tatum’s girlfriend, but when she presented him with the first draft. It was a quite clear picture for him, what she wanted and how she could have wanted it. It took him almost two years to say yes to the script, in those two years she appeared with a new draft that was way more polished than the last one. He couldn’t stop praising her, and how he admires her work and passion. The hunger for something creative in her is the one you look for he says.

Channing Tatum is teaming up with Salma Hayek, for the Magic Mike Franchise’s third film. And Salma Hayek couldn’t stop gushing about Channing Tatum, and how cool and incredible an actor he is.

She was over the moon when she was asked to join the team, her first day was watching a shirtless dancer, whom she watched with surprise, it was a mesmerizing view for her. Which went on for a couple of weeks.

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