Chargers Hopes For A Mike Williams Return


Chargers have been enjoying a decent run this season so far. They have so far played brilliantly to topple almost all of their opponents. Such performance has led the team to eye for the NFL championship this season. A chunk of the credit has to be given to Mike Williams. Williams plays as a wide receiver for the Los Angeles Chargers. He impressed the team management in the preseason training of the team. Williams seemed to be just the right fit for the club. Everybody started talking about the athlete. Joe Lombardi & Justin Herbert praised the WR significantly. Mike also pleased the likes of Keenan Allen in the training session. Allen was also a receiver for Angeles. Allen spoke about the possible change of responsibility for Williams. 

Mike did start the season on a high. He played exactly as was expected from him. He garnered some impressive performances in his first few games. Williams managed 122-, 91- & 82- yard displays. This was deserving complemented by as many as four receptions of touchdown. Such solid performances made the Chargers think about the prospect seriously. Let us learn more about the athlete in detail below.

Chargers Prays For Mike Williams’ Form

The shining start for Mike Williams seems to be fading away. He could not replicate his initial performances recently. Williams suffered a terrible knee injury recently. Following the injury, he has not been up to the mark. His performance had dropped to ten catches at 137 yards. 

Lombardi was optimistic about Williams’ form. He felt that it was only a matter of time when he would prosper again. He felt that the Chargers needed to feed him the ball more often. The whole team is praying for Mike to return to his form. A lot is at stake for the Chargers if they want to excel in this season. 

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