Titans Lose Bud Dupree Due To Injury

Tennessee Titans

Titans seem to have some decisions to make. Their latest acquisition Bud Dupree has been sidelined due to injury. This is a major setback for Tennessee. The club looked to cash in the prowess of Dupree. They signed him before the start of the season for a handsome amount. The athlete agreed to play for Tennessee for $82.5 million. His contract had a period of five years. At the time of the contract, it was speculated that it could backfire. Everybody warned Tennessee that Dupree might not be a wise buy. However, the team had faith in their choices. They decided to proceed with the trade. Supreme did have some memorable outings with his new team. Unfortunately, he turned out to be significantly injury-prone. 

Bud Dupree played for the Pittsburgh Steelers. His impressive season for the Steelers caught many eyes. He grabbed a handsome contract from the Titans and promised to elevate further. However, that was not to be. Supreme suffered a series of injuries that made the team sideline him. The Titans announced Dupree as an injured reserve. Let us learn more about the injury status of Bud Dupree in detail below. 

Titans Confirms Dupree As Injured 

The Titans are not having a pleasant experience involving their newest signing. Dupree suffered a serious injury to his abdomen. He injured himself while playing against the New Orleans Saints. He had previously injured his ACL. This kept him out of action for a significant amount of time. 

The injury bothered Dupree right from the start of the season. He was sent to the PUP training center for rehabilitation. After recovering, he played a couple of games for the Titans. Unfortunately, he missed the next three fixtures for his club.