Lisa Rinna Gives Importance To Breaking A Cycle

In order to grow and evolve one must go through some changes and that is only possible when an individual breaks a pattern to free themselves, that helps even when the break is for a short time. And television personality star of RealHousewives Of Beverly Hills agrees strongly. She has departed from the show for the sake of her mental health. Things were going badly for her and were affecting her mental health.

Lisa Rinna Prefers Breaking Ice And Fresh Starts

The reality show is nothing but a feud show, and Lisa Rinna continued to bear the mental torture for the past 8 seasons. And this time she broke her silence and quit. She also mentioned she has never gone on ‘pause mode’ she prefers a ‘goodbye’.Lisa Rinna bid adieu to the bravo reality show.

The show has wronged Lisa Rinna in many ways, didn’t respect her privacy when she needed them the most, when her mother died, she was having a mental breakdown, and all the cameras were on her. However, when the cameras needed to be on her, they weren’t. They only showed the beef between her and Kathy Hilton, and that too only Hilton’s side of the story.

Lisa Rinna and Kathy Hilton shook hands and made things alright. And Lisa mention how her husband advised her to talk things out with Hilton. She lowkey praised Hilton for showing up at the reunion and didn’t make a scene as Lisa Vanderpump did. And it was a brave move she believes.

Lisa Rinna stayed in this industry for the last 8 years and this was the longest job she had in 35 years of her career. She thanked everyone for being a part of it. Andy Cohen still believes Lisa Rinna would come back, and this is a pause, not a ‘bye bye’.