R Kelly Has A Legal Team That Brought Up New Witnesses

R Kelly
R Kelly

Since Monday, R Kelly got his attorneys to present a defense case with witnesses who claimed that they never saw Kelly abuse women but who approved they were not present most of the time Kelly was alone with female guests.

Jurors have heard almost a month of prosecution witnesses testifying about Kelly’s role as the supposed leader of a criminal enterprise. The witnesses ranged from women who accused Kelly of sexual abuse, physical abuse and even being forcefully kept in rooms where they had to ask for permission to leave or use the restroom, to ex-employees of Kelly who were delegated with helping women and girls travel to the singer’s diverse tour locations.

R Kelly Is Facing Several Charges

Kelly is facing various charges which include racketeering and sex trafficking and has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Among the witnesses, the defense has called so far is Larry Hood, an ex Chicago police officer who pleaded guilty to felony forgery charges and who referred to some of the people in Kelly’s studio as “little hype girls” in his testimony. A former musical collaborator, Dhanai Ramnaran, testified he was not paid by Kelly but worked with him for 15 years. Jeff Meeks, a former runner for Kelly, testified he once saw a woman trying to leave Kelly’s studio.

John Holder, an accountant who worked for R Kelly a year before the singer’s arrest, testified about faking a document that labeled Kelly as the leader of “RSK Enterprises” – a surprising choice for a defense witness as Kelly’s legal team is fighting prosecutors’ accusation that he was the leader of a criminal enterprise.

Defense attorneys hope to wrap up their case Wednesday, and prosecutors and defense attorneys will probably give closing arguments on Wednesday and Thursday, US District Judge Ann Donnelly announced in court on Tuesday. R Kelly is probably not going to testify, defense attorney Deveraux Cannick added in court Tuesday.

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