Todd Chrisley Celebrates Birthday In Prison

todd chrisley

Todd Chrisley turned 54 this year. The Chrisley Knows Best star spends his birthday in jail. A few days ago, Lindsie Chrisley, his daughter visited him in prison. Afterward, she couldn’t stop gushing about how good he looked. It was an emotional encounter for them.No wonder they miss their father. They had their differences in the past. However, that didn’t keep them from being close to each other. Even after the court release, they are bound to serve time in prison. They spent a lot of time together and did activities together.

Todd Chrisley’s Children Missing Their Dad, Didnt Step Back To Mark The Date On Social Media

It doesnt bother Chrisley’s children if they are with him or not, or even their father will see it or not. His children went the extra mile to show him on his 54th birthday.

Chase Chrisley posted a photo on Instagram sharing a warm photo with his father. With a short message that says, how, much he misses him and he is unable to describe it in words.

This is the first of many birthdays of Chrisley, and he and his children will spend away from each other. Chrisley’s son is 26 years wrote his heart out in the post. He expressed his anger with a heartbroken voice. How cruel the world is where the system is broken. He is keeping his faith over, to see him soon. He described Todd Chrisley as the boss.

Lindsie Chrisley also posted a throwback story on her Instagram with young Lindsie with her dad. She misses him. She not only posted a photo but also a verse from the Bible.

Not only Savannah but every child of Todd Chrisley is counting the days. It has been 80 days since he has gone to jail.

Todd Chrisley is facing 12 years in prison for fraud and money embezzlement.