Chelsea Needs A Coach ASAP!


There is absolutely no reason for Chelsea to let the current season go away but that seems like the course of action after another lackluster performance against Liverpool on Tuesday.

Following the sacking of coach Graham Potter, the Blues are completely in a period of limbo- where they are being somewhat guided by an interim coach who has no experience of coaching at the highest level. The interim head coach for the team now is Bruno Saltor, who has been a member of the backroom staff of Graham Potter and had never even selected a team before he was thrown to the wolves of Liverpool.

But- this isn’t Saltor’s fault that he was asked to take charge while the club is in such a precarious position. All he can do is feel committed to the club, and see the season through- which by Chelsea’s standards, would be quite low and uninspiring. 

Chelsea’s Premier League Woes Don’t Seem To End

Against Liverpool, Chelsea had the best chance to secure a win- but they had to settle for a draw. The game had all the hallmarks of the previous games under Potter- which cost him his job. Interestingly, before the game had even begun, it felt that both teams would have absolutely no issues if they were simply looking for a draw. Klopp, on his part, made six changes to the team, with some of the mainstays- Mohammad Salah, Andy Robertson, and Trent Alexander-Arnold being used as a substitute.

Both the teams in Red and Blue were quite short on confidence- with none of their season going the way they wanted it to. Nevertheless, it did appear at one stage that Chelsea was quite close to scoring a goal- as they created multiple chances only to fail before the posts. What seemed even worse was Saltor’s conservative approach- where it felt that he didn’t want to shake the rhythm of the team more than it had already been shaken.