Chicago Bulls Beats Los Angeles Clippers

Chicago Bulls
Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls seem to have found their winning ways back. The Bulls started their season promisingly. However, the team was hit by some minor hiccups as the season progressed. Their latest victory will do them a world of good. The team was up against the mighty Los Angeles Clippers. Clippers were aiming to continue their dominant performance as they had their eyes on the championship. However, the Bulls had other ideas. 

From the very start of the game, the Bulls were determined. The game started at a high tempo. Both the teams looked keen to win the ball. However, the Chicago-based team was the more consistent. As the game proceeded, the Bulls took complete hold of the situation. They held their nerves to snatch a victory that would boost their standing in the NBA. 

The architect behind the Chicago Bulls’ win was DeMar DeRozan. He powered his team through to victory. It was a memorable and emotional game for DeMar as well. Let us learn more about the game in detail below. 

Chicago Bulls Win Courtesy DeRozan’s Brilliance

DeMar DeRozan had the most emotional outing of his life. As he stepped on the ground for the Bulls on Sunday, he felt emotional. This was the very first instance when DeRozan would be playing in LA but the absence of his father. All through his career, his father has been a constant support to him. He used to watch all of his games and supported him through thick and thin. DeMar’s father, Frank, was suffering from an illness for a long time.

He eventually succumbed to his illness in January. Reflecting on his past, DeRozan said he missed his father a lot. However, the athlete gave his father a fitting honor. He scored a total of thirty-five points. This helped the Chicago Bulls win 100-90. 

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