Chicago Gun Violence Plan Unveiled

Chicago Gun Violence
Chicago Gun Violence

The Chicago Gun Violence Plan was announced recently by David Brown, the superintendent of the department of Chicago police. The announcement was made following the unfortunate violent incident that took place in the area last weekend. A total of 56 people were attacked out of which 11 of them succumbed to the injuries. 

Chicago Gun Violence Plan Details

As per the announcement concerning the Chicago Gun Violence, superintendent David Brown announced that a team will be created in order to look after some specific areas. The areas include straw buyers, gun traffickers, dealers of licensed firearms, and anybody who is involved in the facilitation of illegal gun flow within the city. Brown further gave an explanation on the subject at one of the press conferences that was held on the 19th of July. It was stated that the entire agenda behind this step was to confiscate the illegal guns before it was put to use. The Chicago Police superintendent also referred to the Chicago Gun Violence Plan as something “new and unique.”  

Dabid Brown further went on to drop a clear-cut message to the lawbreakers whom he termed to be “third parties.” He claimed that the guilty will be charged with the most serious crimes that existed. Superintendent Brown further added that the convicts would either be charged with federal crimes or whatever crimes that fall under the office of the state attorney. 

This new strategy of Chicago Gun Violence is introduced during the time the gun violence in the country has risen to 11% throughout the city. It was also mentioned in Monday’s announcement that the investigation with regard to the gun violence case would be carried out with the help of other departments. They include the departments of Firearms and Explosives, Tobacco and Alcohol.

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