Democratic Fundraising Has Smashed All Records


The Senate candidates have been smashing all sorts of records through Democratic fundraising- especially in key battleground states. They have been able to bring in massive amounts of campaign money with the battle for control intensifying throughout the chambers- as mentioned by new reports from the campaign finance.

On the other hand, the reports have also highlighted that the political operation of former President Donald Trump has continued to rake in millions but at a far slower place- while he plots another bid for the White House. Also, the reports from the state government have shown energized donors bringing in huge sums to high-profile gubernatorial races.

Democratic Fundraising Has Been Crushing Republicans 

In multiple races, the contenders from the Democratic Senate have been able to bring large amounts of cash through Democratic fundraising, where they have also outraised their rivals from the Republican end as they are preparing for a difficult fall election season. This season can turn out especially difficult due to the rise in inflation as well as the public dissatisfaction with the performance of President Joe Biden.

In the state of Pennsylvania, where the race for an open Republican seat could definitely highlight which party would ultimately control the Senate- the Democratic nominee Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, went on to raise around $11 million during the second quarter- which covered the last three months ending on the 30th of June. 

Another example of Democratic fundraising could be in Nevada, where Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto brought in a second-quarter haul of around $7.5 million, with Adam Laxalt- the Republican challenger, bringing in $2.9 million. In Colorado, two-term Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet also started this month with a hefty sum of $8 million. 

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