China Fixing The Relationship With The US


The past months have been tense for both countries. China and the US were at odds. The US administration has continuously threatened Beijing for supporting Russia. Both of the country’s official seniors had a productive talk over the matters that have been keeping them at a distance. They are communicating the matters that need to be discussed in order to fix all the political tensions. They are trying to maintain a line of diplomacy. And build a good relationship for further business purposes. The previous normal channels were disrupted in the past. 

China Will Not Leave Its Position

The China official stated views that the US officials have made. They clearly stated they will only work towards their values and interests. Again China is solemnly working on its power over Taiwan. Both of them have agreed to continue communicating. They had a candid and productive conversation. The readout reads properly managing differences.

The forever tension between the US and China over Taiwan was intact for several years. China has never fulfilled its duties towards the island which they call their own. However, Taiwan’s prime minister clearly stated a few months ago while discussing with the Joe Biden administration and the president himself, that they would like to continue their friendship and business with the US.

The US has always provided them with the necessities. Previously two prime countries have been at odds regarding Taiwan, the military invasion, and other political business. US defense secretary Llyod Austin has stated that conflict in the Taiwan Strait would be devastating for global business. It would be unbearable and unimaginable. The discussion was on several topics including China detaining Americans wrongfully. They need to work on their competitive relationship. Perhaps the only way to avoid conflict.