Chinese Hackers Are Making The Professional Life Of US Officials Difficult

chinese hackers

They have been attacking since mid-2021. They have already made the communication between the US and Asia Pacific region a living hell. The Chinese hackers have gained a grasp on all the primary official sectors. They have fulfilled their target. They spy and gather information from the US maritime, utility, and government sectors, and transportation which includes air traffic.

Earlier this year a red Chinese balloon floated in US territories. The official immediately shot it down, they were threatened. The residents of that area were terrified that they might be carrying explosive elements. The balloon was perhaps gathering information.

Lately, Chinese Hackers’ Activity Have Been Suspicious

The US FBI, national security forces, and other agencies have notified other countries. There is a huge possibility that these Chinese Hackers could be onto something crucial, this is a matter of safety worldwide. Beijing has been preparing for this combat for a while now. Immediately after the story went viral. They released a statement that the US is under attack by Chinese Hackers was wrong.

They counter-attacked the US administration saying they are spreading misinformation about a country. Perhaps they are threatened by their power. They are worried they might be in danger after the Biden administration warned them not to engage in business with Russia. China has been expanding its territories in the South China Sea. This is an alarming situation in Beijing. The US feels these Chinese Hackers perhaps are moved by them.

A huge power play is happening between China and the United States. There is a possibility of cyber operations on a larger scale between the two countries. These Chinese Hackers have previously jeopardized much US information leaving the country in danger. The leaked Pentagon documents are highly anticipated were their misdeeds.