Recent DOJ Probe Subpoenas Indicate Trump Could Be Ultimate Target

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The probe into the January 6 insurrection has taken a significant turn with the DOJ probe indicating that it could turn out very bad for Trump in the end. Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger, one of the two GOP members of the House Committee, indicated that things could turn ugly for the former president for his involvement in the riots and attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential election.

The DOJ probe has intensified with indications that the grand jury could subpoena Pat Cipollone, the former counsel at the White House, and Patrick Philbin, the deputy counsel during Trump’s tenure.

DOJ Probe Immune To Change In Congress After Midterms

It is the newest sign that members of the inner circle of the disgraced president are under the scanner of the DOJ probe. It is the clearest sign that Donald Trump is the final target of the probe, and efforts to uncover the facts will continue even if Biden loses control of the Senate after the midterms.

While the House Committee may have a limitation on this issue, the DOJ probe will survive a change in the composition of Congress and continue with its efforts at bringing criminal charges against the former president.

It is indicative that the DOJ probe is focusing on litigating against claims of executive privilege by Trump’s camp. There is also an indication of urgency in the DOJ probe after prolonged inactivity.

But the expanding probe came even as candidates spewing Trump’s falsehood about the 2020 elections have won primaries in Michigan and Arizona and will be poised to sway future election results if they end up beating the Democrats in November.

The probe is advancing even as there is a furor over missing texts from the log of the Defense Dept. and the Secret Service on January 6.

Both the subpoenaed officials, Philbin and Cipollone were close to Donald Trump, especially during the fateful period after the elections, finally leading to the insurrection. The DOJ probe also included Greg Jacob and Marc Short, two people close to Mike Pence, the former VP.

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