Chris Brown Under Investigation Following Accusations Of Striking A Lady!

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

Chris Brown, the singer, is under investigation after getting accused of hitting a woman in Los Angeles. Earlier in June, he struck a woman according to US Weekly. The police department of Los Angeles and its media department confirmed this news on 22nd June, Tuesday. They confirmed that Chris Brown, the singer of “Go Crazy” has a relation with the altercation. 

Legal Troubles Have Plagued The Career Of Chris Brown For Years!

The altercation reportedly took place at his home, Tarzana, California on 18th June. Lizeth Lomeli, spokeswoman officer, LAPD, told the US that after a call that took place at 7:30 in the morning on Friday, officers went to his home on Ridge Drive. Lomeli said that the argument between her and Chris Brown got heated up after which the suspect hit and struck her down. The report of the police says that the suspect, Chris Brown, was not present at the scene when they arrived. In the past two months, this is the 2nd time that officials of law enforcement had to go and check on the home of Brown. 

Previously, the LAPD showed up inside the estate of the actor on 6th May intending to break up a brawling party. For years, the legal troubles of the singer have plagued his career and him. Following his assault on Rihanna, his then-girlfriend inside his car, he got arrested in 2009.

Chris Brown admitted to that felony while serving a total of 5 years of probation. He was also seen attending counseling regarding domestic violence and doing community service. In 2016, Chris allegedly pointed his gun at another woman called Baylee Curran. This incident took place after Curran was admiring jewelry present inside his house. At that moment, the lawyer of the Virginia native claimed that Baylee fabricated the whole story.