Tom Brady Talks About His Venture Into Free Agency!

Breshad Perriman
Breshad Perriman

Last offseason, Tom Brady didn’t talk a lot about his venture into free agency. He only admitted to hearing from several multiple teams. Fans are still unclear how Tom Brady has been coping up with this process. There remains a small chance that one can find out more about this free agency and get some sense of clarity regarding this free agency. On Monday, Brady was featured in “The Shop” by HBO. It was just a teaser of the show. In that teaser, Brady talked about how terrible he felt following him being snubbed and kicked out by another team. 

In that clip, Brady put a question regarding how someone can stick with that motherf*****! However, the tease didn’t talk about the player or the team that the Bay QB was talking about. The complete episode which is airing on Friday will have that information. Tom Brady has the capability of blowing up the player and that team being the GOAT quarterback and recently winning another title of the Super Bowl. But currently, Brady is looking to keep stuff civil. In the near past, it is not the modus operandi of Brady to trash teams or players. 

Which Team Is Responsible For Snubbing Tom Brady?

Unless Tom Brady comes out in the open and talks about the player that he was looking to trash inside the clip, we won’t have any idea. Many teams were interested in taking Brady, so the team in question might be any other team. Many believe the team to be either LA Chargers, Bucs, or the Patriots. These teams were the finalists. Based on the comment by Tom Brady, we can rule Patriots and Bucs out. This means that the LA Chargers might just be the team that Brady was talking about.