Centrists From Both Parties Come Together To Launch Centrist “Forward Party”: Former Democrat Andrew Yang At The Fore


Andrew Yang was popular in his attempt at becoming the Democratic Party candidate during the 2020 presidential election. The entrepreneur has now launched a centrist third party and named it the Forward Party.

The new party has independents and members from both the GOP and the Democrats. It will also be the party with the largest resources outside the two established parties that have split the country among themselves. Yang will launch a nationwide building tour this fall.

Andrew Yang also ran for the post of mayor of New York City in 2021. He wrote that it was time for a fresh approach to politics and said that Americans in their millions were waiting for the third alternative. The Forward Party will be contesting in fifteen states initially by 2022 and will be present in all fifty states by 2024.

Several Political Movements Have Come Under The Forward Party Banner

The Forward Party is the outcome of several small political organizations merging, including Yang’s earlier party which he created after he quit the Democratic Party in 2021.

The Serve America Movement has also merged into the Forward Party. It comprises several past Democratic and Republican members including GOP Congressman David Jolly. Former Republican Party staffers who had united under the Renew America Movement have also joined the Forward Party, including Miles Taylor, former chief of Dept. of Homeland Security, who was under Donald Trump.

The Forward Party will be co-chair by Andrew Yang and Christine Whitman, the former New Jersey governor and a Republican. The party has emphasized that it offers greater choice and not a ‘one-size-fits-all approach. 

The party will instead allow its candidates to come together under broad themes harping on ensuring freedom, helping marginal communities grow, and supporting and bolstering the prospering of democracy. The Forward Party will also seek to solve problems instead of indulging in old-style partisan politics, which has thwarted progress many times in the past.