Steve Bannon To Be Held In Contempt Of Congress

steve bannon
steve bannon

In an interesting turn of events, nine House Republicans voted to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress- as they sided with the Democrats. This took place because Bannon had defied a subpoena from the select committee which was investigating the attack of January 6 on the US Capitol. While most of the Democrats quite possibly needed no votes from the GOP in order to place a criminal contempt charge to the Department of Justice, these Republicans still came out and voted in favor of doing so.

How impeachment backers voted against Steve Bannon

As the vote took place on Thursday, all eyes were on the 10 House Republicans who had previously voted for the impeachment of Donald Trump. Almost everyone in Congress was waiting with bated breath to see which way they would be voting. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of the House Republicans did back the vote on Thursday, there were quite a few who were the exceptions. Three of the House Republicans who had voted against the impeachment of Donald Trump also voted against Steve Bannon’s criminal referral on Thursday.

But, a couple of House Republicans who had previously voted against the impeachment of Donald Trump backed the Democratic move against Steve Bannon. Rep. Mace, one of the two who voted in favor of referral, stated that her vote was quite consistent- and also had the motive of Congress retaining the subpoena power- in the event that the Republicans got back the majority in 2022.

With the referral passing the House, the case will move on to the Department of Justice- which would be determining if the charges labelled against Steve Bannon could result in imprisonment or fines. 

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