Chris Hemsworth Sends Tips For Building Muscle, Gives Surprising Facts About Protein Shakes

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer decided to share his best tips for building muscle and burning fat.

In an interview, Luke Zocchi, who of late trained Hemsworth for his role in Thor: Love and Thunder explained that nutrition is the secret and advised people not to depend on supplements and shakes.

The Secret Behind The Glorious Body Of Chris Hemsworth

Eating good food and having a calorie surplus is more important. He continued, most people think protein shakes and creatine make a big difference, but that only contributes about 5% of the equation.

He explained that creatine, BCAAs, and parallel products only give an edge if you have already been eating well and exercising without fail. Protein shakes only complement nutrients already found in whole foods.

He reminded people that everyone is different so comparing yourself to Hemsworth is not the finest idea.

Whether you are supplementing or not, Zocchi said no approach would magically make you look like Thor. As such, it is vital to set goals that prioritize your progress rather than measuring yourself against a Hollywood star.

Zocchi said people over-relied on synthetic products like protein shakes and creatine to build muscle and burn fat.

There is nothing miraculous about protein shakes. For Chris Hemsworth’s 4,500 calories per day bulking plan, protein supplements can be helpful, but it is a tiny part of his overall training and diet.

For the average person who is not consuming 4,500 calories daily, supplements are considerably less imperative than high-quality food and regular gym sessions.

It can also be very difficult to know what you are getting in supplements since they do not need to be permitted by the Food and Drug Administration, so products may contain fillers, unreliable doses, or ingredients not printed on the label.