Christina Applegate Celebrates Turning 50 After Being Diagnosed With MS

christina applegate
christina applegate

A fresh chapter is in the process of starting for Christina Applegate following her revelation about being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, earlier in the year. The winner of an Emmy Award, on Thursday, celebrated turning 50. The day also happened to be Thanksgiving Day.

Christina Applegate Pens An Inspiring Message

On Thanksgiving, Christina Applegate posted a message for the occasion meant to encourage her 1.4Mn followers on Twitter. She reaffirmed that she turned 50 on the day and that she has MS. So it was a difficult year for her.

Christina Applegate continued by saying that she sent all the love she could on the day. She pointed out that many would have been hurting on the day and that she was thinking of them. She prayed that all of us would have the strength to hold our heads high. She said that even if she was lying on her pillow at the moment, she still tries.

In August, Christina Applegate had previously talked about what she had experienced on Twitter regarding MS. That was a couple of months following her initial diagnosis. She had said that her journey was strange. However, she had also been supported by her closest people who knew of her condition. She had pointed out that the road had been tough. However, she knew that roads never end.

Applegate’s family and friends have showered her with support and love since then. Selma Blair, who co-starred with her in the 2002 Cameron Diaz’s romantic comedy The Sweetest Thing, also offered to support her via her replies. 49-year-old Blair said that she would always love her and that she and her kids would always be there for her. Applegate then replied that she loved her as well and that their kids are very weird.