Christine Brown’s Daughter Has The Same Taste In People

christine brown

Sister Wives star Kody Brown’s wife Christine Brown, recently shared why she divorced. They were having problems for a very long time and last year Christine shared the news on her Instagram about her and her husband parting ways. It has been hard on everyone including her daughter.

Christine Brown’s Divorce Did Affect Her Daughter

Christine Brown has previously stated how Robyn is Kody Brown also known as her husband’s favorite wife. How he always preferred her over anyone. Christine Brown’s daughter Gwendlyn was satisfied when she heard that her mother is separating from her father. Not only that she said her mother was moving on as well, it all came as a shock at that moment but it was needed. Things were going downhill between them which affected the rest of the family including herself.

Gwendlyn also shared she never really liked Robyn, and so did her mother Christine Brown. She visits her mother all the time, and she is loving the fact her mother has chosen herself after a long fight and got tired of choosing everyone before herself. And for the record she isn’t picking sides, they are her parents and she can’t be doing so.

Being Christine’s daughter she has witnessed the toxicity between her parents and she despised them to a certain level, which made her believe her mother deserves the best and shouldn’t continue something that’s way beyond fixing.

Christine’s daughter is 21years old woman now and currently choosing her own life before the drama, she has been involved with for a long time now. She recently got engaged to her girlfriend Beatriz Queiroz and posted a photo of them together on Instagram. Her girlfriend proposed to her in the forest which was way too romantic for her said.