Russell Wilson Being The Absolute Christmas Miracle For Kids

russell wilson

The NFL star Russell Wilson did something magical for the kids at children’s hospital colorado. And his wife accompanied him. They spent their time at the hospital’s Seacrest studios. Russell Wilson who recently started his new path in career a few months ago. And his wife has been incredibly supportive of him through every situation good or bad.

Holiday Mood With Russell Wilson

The couple visited the hospital and did a little meet and greet with the fans and the patients, they made a photo booth and did some photo shoots as well. Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara Wilson launched their book “why not you”, and they read it to the patients together. They were excited from the beginning even before they went inside. Ciara said they are going to do exactly what they do every year, do something Christmassy for the kids.

Did some holiday carols with them including ‘deck the halls’, and ‘jingle bell rock’. Their motive was to enrich those patients with holiday spirits, who are unable to spend time with their families. And those who were unable to join the couple in their celebration were live-streamed in their cabins.

The couple got married in July 2016 just after a year of meeting each other. They started dating in 2015. Ciara has been engaged previously and has a son from the previous marriage. An 8-year-old son Future Zahir from his fiance. Russell and Ciara started living in Denver after, he bid goodbyes to Seattle Seahawks. So Far they have been loving Denver, and they are excited about everything life to surprise them with. 

Russell joked about how his wife is going to do all the singing and he is going in as a cheerleader. Ciara has been inspired by her husband Russell in every way possible, and she is very much excited about the next chapter he is going to pursue in his career.