Lizzo Made History In Washington


Lizzo played president James Maddison’s crystal flute on Tuesday’s show with much grace. On the 27th of September, Lizzo, one of the most famous singers and rappers of modern times is also classified as Flautist. She learned that in school.

Lizzo Proved History Can Be Rocking

The singer took a little break from performing the listed songs and played the crystal flute of president James Maddison. Carla Hayden, the librarian of Congress, loaned the singer the crystal with permission from the upper scale. The library of Congress has a collection of over 1800 flutes. Hayden showcased the collection of flutes on her tweet, tagging the singer and inviting her to play if possible when she is in town; the tweet was made by Hayden last week before the show.

For Lizzo playing the flute on stage was a piece of a cake, and she nailed it perfectly. Dressed in a shimmering bodysuit, she took the flute and played it, which was magnificent. Not only that, she twerked while playing the flute and the audience went crazy, keeping the flute in a safe place and, in an excited voice, shared how grateful she got to play Madison 1800’s flute on stage. Roared ‘we just made history.

People knew Washington for monuments and buildings and the white house, and they will know it now because of Lizzo’s history-creating moment with the Madison flute from the 1800s. This is the same flute that Mrs. Madison fled with when the white house caught on fire; she somehow managed to save this.

Carrie Arnold, who was present in the crowd, shared it was a thrilling moment for everyone, especially for Lizzo. Further added, it’s not something you see every day that founding fathers’ art craft gained a new meaning in pop culture and symbolized black female empowerment. Fans worldwide don’t stop praising Lizzo yet and are thankful for making unforgettable moments possible for the worldwide fanbase.