Christopher Reeve Honored By Google

Christopher Reeve
Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeve was a renowned actor from America. He was born on 25th September 1952, in New York City. Reeve was always interested in appearing in front of the camera. He started acting from a very young age. Reeve had his first performance on stage when he was just nine years of age. In the year 1976, he made his debut on Broadway. Reeve was famously known for his role as Superman. He appeared as Superman in the initial three movies of the franchise. On the occasion of his birthday, Google decided to pay the legendary actor a tribute. They made doodles remembering our first Superman. This was the sixty-ninth birth anniversary of the actor. Let us learn more about the tribute Google paid to him in detail. 

Christopher Reeve Gets His Google Doodle 

Google has decided to pay a tribute to the very first reel life superman- Christopher Reeve. On the occasion of the birth anniversary of the deceased actor, Google will publish a doodle. The doodle will be published in order to honor the legacy of the legend. The live doodle can be viewed on Saturday. 

The actor suffered a tragic death at the young age of fifty-two. Reeve suffered a heart attack on the 10th of October, 2004. He was also suffering from a terrible injury when he fell from a horse nine years ago. The injury left the actor acutely paralyzed from the neck. 

Google’s creation sees Christopher Reeve in a wheelchair. He is wearing the iconic suit of Superman. The backdrop of the doodles sees the horizon of what seems to be a city. Up in the clouds, blurrily written is the branding of Google. Reeve suffered a deadly injury as he fell off his horse in 1995. The injury never recovered and unfortunately, we had to bid adieu to our very first Superman.