Christopher Steele Stands By Russia Dossier: Vouches For The ‘Professionalism Applied’

Christopher Steele

Former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele and the author of the infamous Russia dossiers claimed during an interview that he is convinced that a tape exists on Trump. Shot in 2013, the tape reveals Trump engaging a group of prostitutes in a Moscow hotel bedroom.

Trump’s denial this month before a group of Republican donors that his sexual kinks do not include being peed upon, only gives credence to the allegations of sexual deviance or Paraphilia, of the former President of the US. 

The allegations he defends include scandalous sex tapes and the meeting between Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, and Russians. But these allegations have in the past been dismissed by the FBI and Robert Mueller, the special counsel.

Mueller’s report conceded that the Russians had meddled in the 2016 Presidential election systematically and extensively. But it could not prove the existence of a criminal link between the Russian and Trump campaign team.

But Christopher Steele’s dossier has in many ways proved revelatory despite the immense scrutiny it came under since its release. The probe by Mueller discovered that the campaign managers of Trump had made use of Russian political content to attack Hillary Clinton.

Investigators Have Christopher Steele’s Allegation Of Russian Links With Trump’s Officials To Be True

Investigators had determined that there had been several contacts with agents linked to the Russian government and Trump’s campaign team. Trump’s company had also been negotiating a real estate deal with the Russians during that time. These findings were first indicated in Christopher Steele’s dossier.

Christopher Steele continues to defend his assertion that Michael Cohen traveled to Prague in 2016 to meet Russian mediators. The FBI later said that they had no proof to substantiate the claim, though the agency made that assertion when Trump was president. Cohen has vehemently denied that claim and had dismissed Christopher Steele’s allegations.

Though Trump had dismissed allegations by Christopher Steele of the existence of the sex tapes, the discredited President had forced the bureau to investigate its existence. It indicates that Trump had been engaged in the alleged capers and had been terrified of being exposed.

Christopher Steele says that the Russian has continued to hold on to the tapes as Trump had delivered to them all that he had promised.