Pokemon Snap: Review Of This New Game

Pokemon Snap
Pokemon Snap

Out of all the spin-off games of Pokemon, none have been able to captivate the affections of the fans as much as Pokemon Snap. This Nintendo 64 game has turned the world of POkemon into a photo safari.

In addition, Pokemon Snap has made such a large impact that it had to be released on both Wii as well as Wii U Virtual Consoles. It was modified in order to save and share the photos online.

Amazing Pokemon Snap

This new Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch will cost $59.99. It is a very fun and faithful follow-up of the 1999 classic which resembles the rare photo-snapping concept. On the other hand, it also offers a new realm to explore along with many ways to interact with Pokemon.

Pokemon Snap will take the players to the Lental area which an archipelago with numerous environments filled with Pokemon. This region also shelters the Illumina phenomenon that makes Pokemon glow for some unknown reason.

In order to research this phenomenon, Professor Mirror and his Laboratory of Ecology & Natural Sciences have set up their workshop. He will send the players out to various biomes for snapping Pokemon photographs.

There are many fluffruit throwing in the shape of apple at mons to make them give new poses or attract them out of their hiding places. Although these features strongly resemble the original Pokemon games, this new game is entirely new.

One most important complaint against old Pokemon Snap was the length being too short including 7 mere courses. This new game seems more enjoyable and playable. There are a total of 893 Pokemon but only 200 of them show up in the new game.

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