Tunisia In Utter Disarray As President Takes Charge


Tunisia is going through absolute chaos. The developments over the last few days have left the country shattered. A state of emergency has been declared in the country. The President has thrown out the Prime Minister from his duties. He has also executed several officials. The people of the country are very much tensed. There are vehement protests all around. 

Tunisia Political Scenario Worsens, President Declares Emergency

The country seems to be going through a nightmare. Chaos and indiscipline have prevailed for the last few days. The President has stripped the Prime Minister of his powers. More and more officials are being thrown out. The judicial system is a complete mess. The citizens of the country are utterly tensed about the future.

The Parliament which was elected was suspended. This was not well received by the Tunisians. They have struggled hard for their democracy. The sudden attack on democracy has left people stunned. Kais Saied was the Tunisian President. People felt that he acted as a dictator. His actions would plunge the country into further darkness. 

Saied has decided to take matters into his own hands. He took the judiciary powers in his control as well. Kais was termed as a coup. The people toiled hard to achieve democracy for their country. It was earned with years of sacrifice, turmoils in the economy. 

Lamia Farhani was a Tunisian lawyer. She was unhappy with the proceedings that took place for the last few days. She was angered by the Parliament being suspended.  She felt that the Parliament of Tunisia has been humiliated. She promised that this was not the end of the road. Farhani believed in the Tunisian people. She also expected people to come forward and regain democracy.  Lamia termed Saied as a Dictator.