City leaders aim to shape green recovery from coronavirus crisis

As the coronavirus crisis prepares the masses for a different life after the lockdown, few cities have already announced environmental measures to adhere to social distancing as well as fight adverse climate changes.

Discussions were held between Europian, African, and American mayors this week on how to pull the country out of the economic crisis in a sustainable way. This comes amidst the government’s rollout of stimulus checks to its citizens.

Milan and Mexico have already declared the construction of bike lanes. New York and Seattle have opted for widening their pavements and making their neighborhood pedestrian-friendly.

The environmental initiatives are planned keeping in mind the social distancing norms amid the coronavirus crisis. It is sketched in such a way that people can move freely in urban areas and maintain social distancing at the same time.

The mayors who are part of the new economic taskforce opined that these short-term measures will help in the long run to fight climate crisis and inequality.

The taskforce supremo, the mayor of Milan said that the immediate concern of the authorities is to provide safety and help people combat the coronavirus crisis. But, one must also plan measures to keep the masses safe in the future, he added.

“How we structure our recovery efforts will define our cities for decades to come,” said the mayor.

Green recovery from the coronavirus crisis

Several environmental measures were discussed in the meeting such as retrofitting programs, mass plantation of trees, investment in wind and solar power, and the making of energy-efficient buildings.

Valérie Plante, Montréal’s mayor who attended the video meeting, said: “We need more than ever to position our economic recovery in the context of our fight against climate change.”

According to the mayor, economic and social recovery should take place simultaneously.

One of the best cycling and walking measures has been adopted by Europe’s Milan. The city has decided to build 22 miles of cycling or walking street over the summer.