Joe Biden denies Tara Reade sexual assault allegation, calls for release of records

Joe Biden denied the sexual assault allegations made by his former staffer, this Friday. He further asked the National Archives to release any records related to the allegations.

He has repeatedly and strongly denied the allegations. In an interview on “Morning Joe” hosted by MSNBC, he claimed, in no uncertain terms, that the said event never occurred and didn’t happen.

He had previously issued a written statement referring to the allegations as “complicated”; adding that the women must be treated with respect and dignity.

Joe Biden Asks For Proof

In his interview, he further requested the news organizations to assess and analyze her statement and to pay attention to the increasing inconsistencies present in her stories. 

In his “Morning Joe” interview, he reminded people of the necessity of believing in a woman’s narrative when she comes forward and then vetting her claims. He added that believing is equivalent to taking the claims seriously.

Placing his faith on the truth he said, “truth matters” and highlighted the fact that the truth, in this case, is that the claims made by Tara Reade are false.

While Tara Reade revealed in a number of media interviews how she filed a personnel complaint regarding the harassment she has had to face in Biden’s office. The complaints made to the Senate never accused Joe Biden of any assault, she revealed to NBC News.

Joe Biden has claimed in his written statement that no such complaint exists. He further explained that Personal Senate papers do not contain such files. The only place where personnel files and such complaints could be found is the National Archives. He has, therefore, requested the Senate to ask the Archives to release any relevant records regarding the complaint. 


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