Claudia Conway Makes It To American Idol’s Next Round Despite A Rocky Audition

Claudia Conway on American Idol
Claudia Conway on American Idol

Claudia Conway has made it to American Idol’s “Hollywood Week”. The 16-year-old singer with White House family ties makes it to the next round of the singing competition after she debuted on the Sunday Premiere show of ABC.

Claudia exclaimed after she received her ticket to Hollywood on American Idol saying, “I made it!” She seemed very excited and happy to have got the opportunity to go for the next round of American Idol.

Claudia is the daughter of the anti-Trump lawyer George Conway and Kellyanne Conway, the former White House counselor. The debutant singer was especially excited as her audition did not start off on the right foot. At the beginning, she was interrupted by the popular singer Katy Perry, who is one of the American Idol judges. Claudia had started the audition with a TikTok rendition of “Love on the Brain” by Rihanna but was soon interrupted by Perry who asked her to get rid of her stilettos and try a different tune.

Katy Perry Shares A Piece Of Advice On The American Idol Stage

Perry also gave her a piece of advice by asking her not to go with the flow. She said, “You have to calm the storm that is around you.” She further mentioned that if she continued singing for comments on social media, her talent will only be limited to platforms like TikTok and not get the place it deserves.

After this, Claudia redeemed herself with an Adele song, namely, “When We Were Young”. The song turned George Conway, her father, emotional while he was listening to her daughter’s genius in the American Idol waiting room. Later when asked about her performance, George mentioned that he is happy to see her daughter do what she loves to do. Her mother, though not present at the show in person, boosted her confidence with a small pep talk before her performance.