CM Punk Slams Penguins In AEW Press Conference

CM Punk 
CM Punk 

For the decade and even more, CM Punk is hailed as the greatest name in wrestling, but it appears that the Pittsburgh Penguins were always inside his head, wrecking havoc.

He went on a seemingly random diatribe about the Pittsburgh Penguins and particular players as he exited a press conference alongwith AEW.

CM Punk Puts Attention On Francis

While mentioning Crosby and Malkin, Punk delivered a special note of former Penguins player Ron Francis.

CM Punk, a native of Chicago, is a devoted fan who can’t forget the finals of the Stanley Cup in 1992.

In 1992, the Blackhawks were swept off by the Penguins, and Francis scored the winning goal.

The outburst continued as he exited the news conference, with a bleeding Punk pointing out that the Blackhawks captain Graham scored, but were still defeated in 4 games.

It’s unclear what sparked the rage, but emotions around CM Punk have been quite high both inside and beyond the ring.

As things heated up, it appears like Punk wanted to be let go of his anger, and the Penguins managed to get caught in the crossfire.

Punk is not hesitant to speak his thoughts, which is well known by the fans of wrestling.

Punk’s disdain for the Penguins is nothing new, but it appears that the enmity dates back to 1992.

If Punk throws down the gauntlet, which player from the Penguins is most likely to enter the ring and compete against the WWE Champion?

Mark Friedman is a thorn in Punk’s side, while 6’6″ Zohorna has the obvious height advantage.