Netflix Tudum Event: Biggest News

Lim Kay Siu
Lim Kay Siu

In Netflix Tudum today, a three-hour live stream featured quite a lot of stuff- which definitely included over 70 series and 28 movies. Since it is nigh on impossible for anyone to keep track of every single one of them, here is an itinerary for the biggest announcements and the best trailers- along with a new look at Stranger Things and quite a lot of The Witcher, which would be accompanied with shows like Bridgerton and Tiger King. 

Highlights Of Netflix Tudum

Before the Netflix Tudum event took place, the streaming service definitely spent quite some time bringing out its anime lineup, around which the biggest reveal was Studio Colorido, which had provided A Whisker’s Away. The current feature from the studio has been named Drifting Home, which will start streaming next year.

The event did open up with a lot of star power with the trailer for the movie Red Notice, which stars Gal Gadot, Dwayne Johnson, and Ryan Reynolds. The movie, as expected, puts up a lot of explosions along with some witty one-liners, but it also definitely looks like both the cast and crew had a lot of fun making this movie. The newest clip simply highlights a fight scene between the big three, which Gal Gadot wins.

Next on Netflix Tudum was a teaser for the fourth saga of Stranger Things, which goes on to showcase a new locale for the beloved show named the Creel House, with Dustin coming away with his best impression of Sherlock Holmes. The next season for this hit Netflix series would stream in the middle of next year.

An exciting new show that could definitely captivate the American audience would be Jeen-yuhs, which is a documentary capturing the career of Kanye West over two decades. The official description goes on to read that this was filmed over two decades and that the show is quite a revealing and intimate portrait of Kanye’s experience.

For fans of Sex Education, Netflix Tudum brought out some interesting news- the season has been streamlined for another season. With the third season capturing hearts and emotions once again, it is simply to be expected.