Cobra Kai Already Declared The End Is Near

cobra kai

The most watched and awaited Netflix series Cobra Kai brought good news at last. They renewed for the last season, and the creators already announced this is the last one. This means Cobra Kai will end with season 6. The series itself was a lot to take in. It always turned out how the creators wanted, which big satisfactory for the team, it has always been a win-win situation so far.

The Extended Cobra Kai Version

The story was originally adapted from The Karate Kid. And the creators said they always wanted to modify the story and end on their own terms. So if anyone believes the story would have the same ending they are not right. It was always an honorable moment for the creator to come up with something like Cobra Kai and allowed them to join the universe team.

Cobra Kai doesn’t have the same story as the karate kid, the creators expanded the story their way. The birthing of the new generation of underdogs was not only a challenging task to bring forth the new story and keep instances untouched and there was a moment when things got rough but at no cost, the team took this opportunity for granted.

The creators ended the story exactly how and where they wanted, it was a proud achievement of the team. As much as it hurts them that the series is ending soon, this also gives them the satisfaction of a successful project.

Though Cobra Kai is ending, for the fact, we all know “cobra kai” never dies. The whole announcement has been a bittersweet moment for the fans and the team. And the creators are hoping for more karate kid stories to work on.