Coco Gauff To Drop From The Olympics As She Tested Positive

coco gauff
coco gauff

Coco Gauff, the tennis star from Atlanta, made an announcement on Sunday regarding her drop from the upcoming Olympic Games (Tokyo). She expressed her disappointment on Twitter and mentioned that it was her dream to play for the USA in the Olympic Games. She is hopeful that the future will nourish her with more chances in the Olympics. Coco Gauff wished for good luck on the National Olympic team and also wished for a safe game for every Olympic athlete. 

The US Tennis Association replied to her tweet and expressed that the entire team was heartbroken for Gauff. The Association wished a speedy recovery for Coco and called for her support to cheer on the USA team that was traveling to Tokyo for the Olympics.

Coco Gauff Is Not The Only One To Be Disappointed.

Several athletes, leaving Coco Gauff aside, had positive results for the virus, after checking in the Olympic Village. Sunday proved to be a bad day for the South African contingent as two soccer players were tested positive and 21 other South African athletes were found to be in proximity with them. Since July 1, 55 people have had positive tests for COVID-19 ranging from athletes, contractors, employees, and even journalists. 

The Tokyo Olympics will play host to 200 countries and 15,000 Olympians from all over the Globe, which will begin from July 23, Friday, while Coco Gauff will be cheering for the USA contingent from behind her TV screen. The US contingent had, earlier on, suffered another major loss when star sprinter Sha’carri Richardson tested positive for having marijuana in the system. She received a one-month ban which disqualified her from the major track and fields events. Following that, the US track and field team dropped her completely from their Olympics contingent.