Cody Cornwell felicitated for his contribution to branding and marketing  

Cody Cornwell
Cody Cornwell

When Cody Cornwell quit his job as a welder in 2015 to concentrate on pouring all his hopes into his fledgling start-up, Heavy Marketing LLC, he had hopes and big dreams of making his company a key player in the marketplace.  

Fast-forward five years, and those dreams have now been realized. Flying in the face of the critics who scoffed and the haters who dismissed him, Cody Cornwell has earned a reputation as a leading branding expert. He has been felicitated for his stellar contribution to branding and marketing. “It’s been one hell of a journey from being a welder in a small town in Ohio to being lauded as a stalwart in branding and marketing, but I sure am glad I made the ride,” said Cody. Cody’s nuanced understanding of building brands has garnered great appreciation and a noteworthy clientele that includes some of the industry’s biggest names. 

Elaborating on his company’s expertise, Cody explained, “‘Marketing and branding on steroids’ is the best way to describe my company and what we do. We work with companies from all sectors and individuals from all walks of life, and we take care of all their needs from branding to ad creation. We also provide an in-demand sales service. 

“We launched strictly as a marketing agency, but as soon as we started driving traffic to our clients, we realized two things. Firstly, most companies do not have a sales team, and if they did, it was inefficient or not effective enough to make a close. Secondly, we realized that our clients were struggling as we scaled our marketing efforts because there was not enough infrastructure to keep their business’s quality of work up with the influx of business. This is how we identified the demand for adding our consulting and sales closing packages.” 

Growing up in small-town USA, Cody’s life was mapped out by the forces of fate. He’d leave school, get a manual labor job, earn a modest wage, and live an average life. At first, Cody did precisely that, but he soon realized his hard work and endeavor were being used to line the pockets and bolster others’ reputations. He was sick and tired of getting the raw end of the deal. He promised himself things would change, and change they did. “I’m pretty much a self-made man,” explained Cody, “But the key to that was educating myself on everything I possibly could about marketing and branding. I devoured books and online courses with an insatiable appetite. By the time I founded Heavy Marketing with Ron Earley in 2017 I was immensely well-versed in my chosen field.” 

When Cody combined his natural work ethic, with his expertise as a branding expert, his burning ambition, and his instinctive flair for marketing, it was a recipe for surefire success.  

Based in Florida, Heavy Marketing’s statistics speak for themselves. In their very first month, they brought in over $450,000 to their client’s brand. Within 60 days, they did over 1.5 times that, bringing in $700,000. It’s impressive stuff and easy to see why Cody has received accolade upon accolade for his innovative and foolproof techniques in the world of marketing and branding. Cody explained, ‘People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise, and awards.’ I can testify to that. Of course, the money is nice, but it’s nicer still to be recognized for making an invaluable contribution to the field you’ve dedicated yourself to. 

“Although financial gain and reward are a motivating factor in putting in the hard work and long hours, there’s nothing quite like recognition and praise to make us feel our efforts are not being wasted. Being felicitated for my contribution to marketing and branding means everything to me, explained Cody.” 


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