Coldplay’s New Tour To Be Powered By BMW Batteries


Coldplay has decided to power their new tour with recyclable BMW batteries- so there is a good chance that your recyclable battery might feature too. BMW and the famous band have collaborated to discover a solution for climate change- as has been reported by the auto manufacturer.

Their latest tour- The Music of the Spheres- will be moving to a few different citizens around the world next summer, and BMW will be helping them create something special to commemorate this splendid occasion. Rather than using diesel, the equipment for the band would be powered through 40 recycled BMW i3 batteries- which would be combined into a single massive, portable tour battery that would keep getting recharged after every single show.

Coldplay With BMW Will Be Installing Batteries To Power Their Show 

Refurbishing car batteries isn’t really uncommon for manufacturers of EVs, but this would mark the first-ever scenario of EV batteries being used for a completely different line of work- according to BMW. This time around, it would be used to power Coldplay. The main question stands- how would the car battery be recharged.

BMW has thought of a variety of interesting plans- generators which would be powered by vegetable oil, solar power, power bikes, and a kinetic stadium floor. The last two would be the most pioneering, as they would be harnessing the power from the fans who would be coming to the concert in order to increase the battery of the band to bring it for the next show. 

Quite a few experts have been debating about what needs to be done with the batteries of electric vehicles for some time now- and Coldplay seems to have found a solution to it. As it stands, creating a battery does use a ton of minerals and rare ores, and just throwing them away would definitely harm the environment.

Coldplay’s long partnership with BMW- with the band even creating music to promote a few models of the German car company, is definitely about to pay dividends.